Catch Bigger and Better Fish!

Bama Baits is infused with our top-secret cocktail, “Bama Fuel”. No bass or panfish can resist our hush hush appetizing enticement. Imagine an underwater all you can eat buffet mixed with all the goods including an endless open bar. Now, who or may we say, what fish can refuse such a heavenly temptation? Bama Baits is sure to deliver an over flowing yeti (cooler) (boat full) that will have all your fishing buddies calling you the fish whisper. Bama Baits is infused with a fish attractant that is released in a controlled manner when the lure is pulled through the water. The process is designed to trigger feeding responses in fish. GULP! JERK! You’re ready to reel him in. The action on our bait is undoubtedly the most lifelike bait on the market today. Take our Glimmer Blue 4-inch frog bait for a cast and you will experience an immediate badbASS thrill! Or throw out our White Ice 2-inch minnow bait for panfish but have the fixins’ ready for the fish fry.

Bama Baits is convenient and ready to use. Just unzip your releasable bait pouch, hook, cast and let the good times roll.